Get Active, Earn Awards

It only takes a little bit of physical activity each day to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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Program and Benefits
Motivational Physical Activity Program

The Fit for Life Award Program encourages active duty personnel, civilian employees and dependents at units in the Kodiak, Alaska AOR to make being physically active a part of their everyday lives.

It only takes a little bit of physical activity each day to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. No matter what your activity and fitness level are, the Fit for Life Award Program is for you!


Shows you how to make a commitment


Gets you physically active- and sticking to it


Helps you set and achieve realistic goals


Encourages physical activity for a lifetime.

How it Works

You get to choose from all kinds of physical activities- not just sports- to gather points. Choose from many different activities, including Aerobics, Basketball, Handball, Dancing, and more.

Accumulate and Record Points

You earn awards when you reach the various activity milestones. For example, by meeting the Surgeon General’s physical activity guideline of 30 minutes a day at least 5 days per week you can earn your first award in about one month!

Claim Award

After successfully completing a certain level of points. per activity, you can win awards. Awards include water bottles, t-shirts, MWR Bucks, ball caps and more.  Need motivation? Incentive awards progressively increase in value.

Awards and Activities
Available Awards
Points Required Recognition Award
100 Watch Tracker
200 Water Bottle
400 MWR Bucks – $15
800 Coffee Lunch Cooler
1200 Ball Cap
1800 T-Shirt
Activity Points

This table displays the amount of activity required to earn one point.

Activity Minimum Activity Requirement
Aerobics 20 minutes
Archery 1 Match
Badminton 30 minutes
Baseball 30 minutes
Basic Training Class 15 minutes
Basketball 20 minutes
Bicycling 3 miles
Bicycling (Snow) 3 miles
Bowling 3 games
Boxing 15 minutes
Calisthenics 30 minutes
Canoeing 60 minutes
Cardio Machine 10 minutes
Chopping Wood 15 minutes
Circuit Training (General) 20 minutes
Circuit Weight Training 20 minutes
Climbing Wall 10 minutes
Croquet 45 minutes
Cross Country Skiing 10 minutes
Crossfit 45 minutes
Dancing 45 minutes
Dodgeball 1 Match
Downhill Skiing 15 minutes
Elliptical Trainer 15 minutes
Engine Tune-up 60 minutes
Field Hockey 20 minutes
Fishing 60 minutes
Football 30 minutes
Frisbee Game 20 minutes
Frisbee Toss 30 minutes
Gardening/Lawn Mowing 30 minutes
Golf-walking 9 holes
Handball 20 minutes
Hauling Lines 30 minutes
Hiking 20 minutes
Hockey 20 minutes
Home Repair 30 minutes
Horseback Riding 60 minutes
Horseshoe Tossing 45 minutes
Hunting 60 minutes
Kayaking 30 minutes
Lacross 20 minutes
Lawn Bowling 60 minutes
Loading Stores 30 minutes
Martial Arts 30 minutes
Motorcross/Dirt Biking 45 minutes
Mountain Biking 3 miles
Mountain Climbing 20 minutes
Orienteering 30 minutes
Paddleball 30 minutes
Painting Hull 30 minutes
Physical Readiness Test (PRP) 15 minutes
Pilates 45 minutes
Plyometrics 15 minutes
Racquetball 20 minutes
Rafting 60 minutes
Rock Climbing 15 minutes
Roller Skating 20 minutes
Rope Jumping 12 minutes
Rowing 1 mile
Rowing Machine 10 minutes
Rugby 30 minutes
Running 10 minutes
Sailing 45 minutes
Scuba Diving 15 minutes
Skateboarding 15 minutes
Skating 20 minutes
Skiing Downhill 15 minutes
Snorkeling 20 minutes
Snow Shoveling 20 minutes
Snowboarding 15 minutes
Snowmobiling 60 minutes
Snowshoeing 15 minutes
Soccer 20 minutes
Softball 60 minutes
Spinning Class 15 minutes
Squash 20 minutes
Stair Climber 15 minutes
Stationary Bike 15 minutes
Stretching 60 minutes
Surfing 30 minutes
SwimFit 15 minutes
Swimming 400 yards
Table Tennis 30 minutes
Tai Chi 1 hr.
Tennis- Doubles 45 minutes
Tennis- Singles 30 minutes
Trail Running 20 minutes
Versa Climber Machine 20 minutes
Volleyball 2-3 persons 30 minutes
Volleyball 4-6 persons 60 minutes
Walking 1 mile
Wallyball 20 minutes
Water Aerobics 30 minutes
Water Skiing 20 minutes
Weight Training 30 minutes
Wind Surfing 20 minutes
Yoga 60 minutes

Get Active, Earn AwardsIt only takes a little bit of physical activity each day to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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